Frequently Asked Questions

That’s us! Now we have a show at the Angelika Film Center every month, in Dallas’ Mockingbird Station! It’s a fantastic venue, and we still have an adjacent bar! Plus, it’s immediately accessible through the DART rail, which is great news both for people who don’t have cars and alcoholics!

Probably because that buffoon is a floorwalker. A floorwalker is someone who shouts out various funny lines during a shadowcasting show. We have several cast members who act as floorwalkers, but audience members are also allowed to riff on the movie as well.

I’m glad you asked!

Water Pistol – Used to create “rain” after Brad and Janet’s car stops and the two are running to the castle as a storm starts. You will need to fill it yourself from the sink in the bathrooms.

Newspaper – Worn over the head as Janet uses a newspaper to keep herself from getting wet.

Party Hat – Usually put on just before The Time Warp, when the Transylvanian Party Guests first appear. Can be worn at any time, though.

Surgical Glove – Snapped when Frank snaps his rubber gloves as he is explaining how he made Rocky.

Noise Maker – Used during Frank’s presentation as he explains how he made Rocky.

Toilet Paper – Thrown as Rocky begins to spin around after Columbia and Magenta cut the bandages off of him during “Sword of Damocles”. Also, can be thrown when Dr. Scott enters the lab and Brad shouts “Great Scott!”

Playing Cards – Thrown during Frank’s song “I’m Going Home”, when he says “Cards For Sorrow, Cards For Pain”.


Money! Our cast sells a variety of neat items before our shows, and the proceeds help keep the show looking shiny and pro-tier!

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