Don’t Call it a Comeback, We’ve Been Here for Years

Don’t Call it a Comeback, We’ve Been Here for Years

“Amber Does Dallas, what gives? Your gallery and show reports haven’t been updated in almost a year! Don’t tell me that yet another beautiful theater got shut down and sold like a 50-cent whore to make a new Chipotle and you’ve been cast out onto the streets to perform to random passersby!”

Stay frosty, hypothetical paranoid maniac, we’re still here! We’re between photographers/show reporters, is all. Matter of fact, we’ve been busier than ever! Since the huge Fan Expo show we’ve continued to put on monthly shows at the Angelika, done REPO!, made several promo videos, done a couple of cons and theme shows, and taken on more new cast members then we’ve had for ages! Right now, a big chunk of us are on the RKO Cruise, rubbing elbows with the who’s who of shadowcasting, making friends, influencing people, barfing off of ship decks.

Show reports will be back on the menu toot-de-sweet, which is French for “by our next show.” Shows are still happening every month, so keep an eye on the calendar!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the SaveLakewoodTheater Facebook page! These guys mean business, and are well on their way to returning the historic theater to its former glory! We’ll also be keeping an eye on their upcoming benefit concert, and helping out however we can!

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