“First thing’s first, this is an offensive show.”

“First thing’s first, this is an offensive show.”

If you’ve ever seen Rocky live, you’ve heard this or a million lines just like it. It’s true, Rocky’s an offensive show, and seeing it live means you’re undoubtedly going to hear things that’ll make you laugh uncomfortably and think “That may be going a little too far”. At Amber Does Dallas, we’ve poked fun at just about every taboo under the sun, and we’ll do so until the day it stops being funny to us. To some people, Rocky is a place where there are no limits to good taste.

That being said, hate speech can fuck right the hell off. Call us snowflakes, call it a safe-space, call us “youngern posers who don’t know what Rocky’s all about”. We’ve heard it. In the current political climate, our cast refuses to perpetuate callbacks or gags that nurture a culture of hatred, unless, of course, that hatred is for nazis.

We want everyone to feel welcome at our shows, because to us, Rocky and its community is all about being who you are and being comfortable in your own skin. If we foster an environment promoting or even tolerating a worldview that encourages the suffering of innocent people, we aren’t just assholes, we’re fucking pussies.

In this time of uncertainty, all we can truly do for each other is not be complete and utter fucking assholes, one joke at a time.

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