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Keely & Grant as Rocky & Frank, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Support us with your big, strong, manly monster hands.

Calling all ADDicts!

Amber Does Dallas is funded by the purchase of merchandise at the sales table. If you want to support us, please stop by the show and check out the stuff we have available! Every prop pack, button, print and other item you purchase helps keep us performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Angelika Film Center each month. Plus, many of the items feature exclusive designs created by our own cast members!

Our official cast PayPal account is also available for more direct contributions! We’re good old-fashioned, red-blooded Americans, so we don’t like using the word “donations,” so think of it as more of a “pity dollar.”

Short on cash, but love The Rocky Horror Picture Show and REPO! The Genetic Opera too much to stand idly by and watch us wallow in our own squalor? Tell your friends about our show! Share our shows on Facebook, Twitter and other social media! Contact us and get flyers, posters and more promo materials to pass around and help us get the word out! You can’t put a price on good word-of-mouth.

Finally, we’re always looking for new members! If you’re interested in helping out in a hands-on capacity, be it acting, tech or background, check out the Be One of Us page and get information on joining the cast!

We never could have made it this long and this far without the years of help from our fans, audience and Rocky Horror family! Thank you so much for your unending support, and we’ll see you at the opera!