Name: Reese (DA AFRO) Peanut Butter Cups
Roles: Brad ,Trixie,Transie, Scalpel Slut, Gentern
Interests: The medicial field, KinkLife,Burlesque, Fet Molding, Paranormal romance books,/Tv series/Movies SyFy,Anime,Music, The Art of Drag, comics,Pin up, Skulls, The Eclectic way of lite, Shining sharp objects, Glitter and Rhinestones, Food

LOUD SOUTHERN and PROUD Class and Sass and a WHOLE LOTTA ASS totally spankable and twerkable mastered the art of smacking herself in the face with her boobs oh and probably has slight case of narcolepsy lolz if I tease you that means I like you and has a fondness for Asian Cuisine and honey butter biscuits and anything with bacon but most importantly WATCH THE Fro toodles 😛