Be One of Us

Be One of Us

One big, happy family.

Maybe you’re an experienced Rocky Horror fanatic who’s been enjoying shadowcasts since the Carter administration, maybe you’re a Repo fan who can’t believe you’ve finally found a group as excited about gory industrial musicals as you are, or maybe you like having a reason to break out some trashy lingerie and dance in front of strangers. Whatever your reason is for wanting to join, Amber Does Dallas will give you a fun, safe and welcoming outlet for your creative energy.

Want to help out, but not comfortable onstage? We also have positions for tech, street promotion and more!

We ask for nothing (much), but we do have a few base requirements for new members.

  • Have reliable transportation to rehearsal and show locations.
  • Have Friday and Sunday Nights free.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Do not have any personal issues that might limit your ability to participate (i.e. living with parents who lock you in the basement on weekends).

You can read the entirety of the cast rules here.
Still interested? Hop over to our Contact Us page or talk to one of our managers after the show, we’ll give you our rehearsal time and location!