Introduction – Who we are and what we do.

Your First Time – What to bring, what to wear and what to expect at our show.

Shouting Things At Us – All About Riffing and Vocal Audience Participation.

Throwing Things At Us – All About Prop Packs and Physical Audience Participation.

Miscellaneous – Everything else we get asked a lot.



Q: So who are you guys, anyway?

A: We are Amber Does Dallas – the creamiest shadowcasting troupe in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex! You can read all about us on our About Us page, or meet our members over on the Cast & Crew roster!


Q: What’s shadowcasting?

A: Gee whiz, that’s such a big question we have a whole separate page about it!  In brief, Shadowcasting is a unique, interactive artform which blends elements of group improvisation, the cinema and the theatre.


Q: Huh?

A: We run around in front of a movie screen while the audience shouts things and throws things. You can see some pictures of this in action over in the gallery!


Q: Hey, I remember you guys, you used to be at the Lakewood Theater! Where are you guys performing now?

A: That’s us! Now we have a show at the Angelika Film Center every month, in Dallas’ Mockingbird Station! It’s a fantastic venue, and we still have an adjacent bar! Plus, it’s immediately accessible through the DART rail, which is great news both for people who don’t have cars and alcoholics!


Q: When’s your next show?

A: Check our Upcoming Shows page! It’ll keep you up to date on all of our shows dates, times, locations and themes.

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Q: Help! I’m all scared and confused!

A: That’s not a question.


Q: Fine! Can you help me not be scared and confused?

A: Of course, that’s what this FAQ is for, you silly billy! Just take a deep breath, relax, and check out our First-Time Guide to Survival if you’re feeling nervous.


Q: I’ve heard all kinds of talk about what they do to “virgins” – what’s a virgin?

A: Well, how many Magic: The Gathering shirts you own? Ha, comedy! A virgin is the technical/slang term for someone who has never seen a particular shadowcast show live in a theater before.


Q: I’ve seen the movie at home, does that count?

A: Nope. The difference between watching the movie at home and watching a shadowcast show is a bit like the difference between masturbating and being part of an orgy – you still enjoy yourself, but it’s a completely different experience with other people.


Q: What’s the big deal about being a virgin?

A: Part of the shadowcasting tradition is that at the start of the show we do things with the virgins.


Q: What kinds of things?

A: We can’t tell you, it would spoil the surprise! Plus, we switch up our virgin activities weekly, so we really couldn’t tell you what we’re doing next.


Q: And that’s why I was nervous! I’ve heard horrible stories about shadowcasts that took virgins, forced them on-stage, made them strip to their underwear and then pelted them with used sex toys.

A: We don’t do that.


Q: Can you at least give me a vague hint about what might happen?

A: I will say that it does not involve you getting on stage, stripping down, having anything thrown at you or being touched or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. If anyone in the audience does do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, you should let a member of the cast, crew or theater management know right away. We’ll take care of it from there.


Q: What should I wear to your show?

A: Whatever you are comfortable wearing.


Q: So I can dress up like one of the characters from the movie?

A: Absolutely! Expect to be cooed over and pawed at by ravenous cast members if you do, though.


Q: Can I come to the show in lingerie or fetish gear?

A: Yes, but you must have something to cover yourself with when you aren’t in the theater (i.e. hanging around the bar or waiting outside). The standard rules regarding nudity in a public place do apply within the theater. Your junk must be covered at all times.


Q: Are women allowed to flash their boobs?

A: Only if they are wearing pasties or have some other kind of nipple-covering device.


Q: Is there anything I need to bring to the show?

A: Money! Our cast sells a variety of neat items before our shows, and the proceeds help keep the show looking shiny and pro-tier!


Q: What kinds of items do you sell?

A: It depends on the show. At our Mardi Gras show, we’ll sell pasties, for instance. We usually sell stickers, buttons and glow sticks (a.k.a. Zydrate, if it’s blue).  But the biggest thing we sell is our Prop Packs.


Q: And what are the Prop Packs?

A: See the THROWING THINGS section below for the details on Prop Packs.

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Q: There’s some jerk shouting stuff at the screen. Why isn’t anyone trying to stop this buffoon?

A: Probably because that buffoon is a riffer.


Q: What’s a riffer?

A: A riffer is one who shouts out various funny lines (or “riffs”) during a shadowcasting show. We have several cast members who act as riffers but audience members are also allowed to riff on the movie as well.


Q: Doesn’t that get kind of annoying?

A: Not as long as it’s funny. Riffing is a part of the grand shadowcasting tradition and it is both allowed and encouraged…within reason.


Q: Could you define “within reason,” please?

A: We discourage our riffers from doing riffs that talk over the important dialogue or songs from the shows for the benefit of those newcomers who are trying to follow the plot.


Q: What plot?

A: Shh.


Q: What about people standing in the aisles or standing up on their seats while doing riffs?

A: If you see anyone doing this, please let a cast member or a member of the theater management know. It’s not a good idea for anyone to be in the aisles or for them to stand on the chairs for safety reasons.

As for our cast riffers, they have strict instructions not to block anyone’s view of the stage or screen. If someone is blocking your view, please ask them nicely to move. If this fails to get results, consult a cast member or the theater management.

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Q: Throw things? What kinds of things?

A: Well, it depends on the show. We sell Prop Packs which contain all of the things you’ll need for each show.


Q: What is in the prop pack for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and when do I throw which things?

A: I’m glad you asked!

Water Pistol – Used to create “rain” after Brad and Janet’s car stops and the two are running to the castle as a storm starts. You will need to fill it yourself from the sink in the bathrooms.

Newspaper – Worn over the head as Janet uses a newspaper to keep herself from getting wet.

Party Hat – Usually put on just before The Time Warp, when the Transylvanian Party Guests first appear. Can be worn at any time, though.

Surgical Glove – Snapped when Frank snaps his rubber gloves as he is explaining how he made Rocky.

Noise Maker – Used during Frank’s presentation as he explains how he made Rocky.

Toilet Paper – Thrown as Rocky begins to spin around after Columbia and Magenta cut the bandages off of him during “Sword of Damocles”. Also, can be thrown when Dr. Scott enters the lab and Brad shouts “Great Scott!”

Playing Cards – Thrown during Frank’s song “I’m Going Home”, when he says “Cards For Sorrow, Cards For Pain”.


Q: What is in the prop pack for Repo! The Genetic Opera and when do I use which items?

A: Quite a bit of cool stuff.

Plastic Bug – Thrown at Shilo so she can add it to her bug collection, after she sees the glowing blue bug in her mother’s tomb.

Surgical Mask – Put on your mask whenever Nathan becomes the Repo Man and unsanitary things happen on the screen.

Panties – Thrown at Pavi during “Mark It Up”, after he snatches the panties away from two GenTerns.

Kazoo – Used for giving Nathan some musical accompaniment during “Thankless Job”. I suppose you can play along with the other songs too, if you must.

Gold Coins – Thrown at Rotti, giving him a Golden Shower, as he sings a song about how much he loves gold.

Tampon– Thrown at Shilo after she faints and has the mother of all flashbacks on-stage at the Genetic Opera.


Q: What about Zydrate? Do we get any Zydrate? You know, for my anatomy?

A: Indeed you can! We sell Blue Glow Sticks a.k.a. Tubes of Zydrate at every Repo show. They can be held aloft and waved around during “Zydrate Anatomy” as Graverobber sings about Zydrate.


Q: Can I bring my own props from home?

A: Nope.


Q: But why though?

A: There’s a few reasons, but the big one is safety. Our Prop Packs contain all of the items that are allowed by order of the management of the Angelika. Some “traditional” props, such as uncooked rice, are banned because they pose a safety risk to both our actors and the audience.


Q: How is uncooked rice a safety risk?

A: Try running in high-heels on a floor covered in rice sometime and you’ll find out real quick. The rice also attracts various diseased vermin which isn’t good for anyone’s long-term health. Finally, there’s the fact that throwing rice at public events is illegal in Dallas, Texas, and the cops probably won’t be gentle with you as they’re taking you away.


Q: You wouldn’t really call the cops on me for throwing rice, would you?

A: Oh, yes we would. We don’t want rats.


Q: Do you have any idea what would happen to me in the county lock-up if they found out I was in there on a rice-throwing charge?

A: I’ve got a pretty good idea.

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Q: Is Amber Does Dallas available for hire?

A: Yes! Read the Use Our Bodies page for hiring info and use our Contact Us page to, uh, contact us. Be sure to leave the following info in your message:

* Name of Event & A Brief Description
* Performance Venue Location
* Date & Time
* Maximum Occupancy


Q: I’m a member of the press with questions about your show. Who do I speak to?

A: All press inquiries should be sent through our Contact Us page.


Q: What do I do if I want to join your cast?

A: Check out our Be One of Us page! There’s lots of useful info on the rules, rehearsal times, and a lot more in there!

Q: What if I have a question I don’t see covered here?

A: Hop on over to the Contact Us page, cowboy, and we’ll try and answer that fer you.


Q: Thank you for answering my questions. I love you.

A: I love you, too.

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