12/09/2016 “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Frank: Krista
Janet: Nikki
Brad: Grant
Riff: Lauren
Magenta: Nicole
Columbia: Kelsey
Rocky: Sasha
Eddie: Eri
Dr. Scott: Nick
Criminologist: Amanda
Trixies: Sasha & Amanda

Greetings once again, my unconventional conventionists! We had a GLORIOUS show, with a FEISTY audience! As usual, we kicked things off with a bang in the Virgin Games. GRENAT dragged a bunch of virgins out of the crowd, giving them the task of WOOING a fellow virgin with a GAFF TAPE. Whichever two MOONWALKED the best won the coveted spot of newlywed, and as luck would have it, the two most contrasting virgins won! Who’da thunk it? Then our Trixies hit the floor dressed as BUDDY HOLLY and RICHIE VALENCE, to the loud NIPPITY NOPE NOPES of the audience.

One ENORMOUS DILDO filled wedding scene later, Janet and Brad drove off in our lovely prop PIE. This was, of course, extremely odd, but I guess Rocky audiences have seen weirder. The rainstorm was a blast, as KELSEY interrupted with a super soaker full of CUM! Nikki got it right in the LOWER BUTT, to her great dismay and the great pleasure of the audience.

Later on a LOOSELY dressed Riff greets them at the door, and Magenta replaces the banister with a SLAP BRACELET. I’m not sure how we weren’t kicked out at this point. A SAUCY Time Warp saw 3/5 of the audience up and dancing along though, so we must have been doing something right. Frank made an appearance here, keeping a great beat to Commissar Callback going “Sex and violence with DRADELS and KWANZAA CANDLES.”

Fast forward to the lab, and we’ve got Rocky debuting and SULKED the hell out of our viewers! Columbia got really involved with this one, TRIPPN‘ Rocky with great UNICORNS and furious NUMBNESS. No wonder Frank gets off so jealous so easily, what with that kinda thing happening under her roof. She gets hers, though, when Eddie bursts out of the BACK ROW to great applause. One dance number later, and she’s got COLUMBIA’S BLUE SOCK in her EAR CANAL.

Of course, it was just her getting penetrated by Frank, as later on in the Red Room Blue room scenes Brad agrees to a little experimentation with some SPOONS. Needless to say it wasn’t screen accurate, but man did it impress the audience.

“Too MOIST,” he said.

Up next, we get to meet Dr. Scott. Another debut, he FUCKED that wheel chair with style, scooting across the stage in a manner that seemed almost PLAID. One Eddie’s Teddie and a Hotdog later he’s gone and gotten himself SPELUNKED by Magenta and the Medusa switch. Worry not though, as he and the rest of the cast showed up just a little while later wearing nothing but TINY ELF SHORTS and PASTIES, giving the audience one hell of a shock treatment!

Three corpses, a FURRY Riff farewell and a bit of melodrama from FRANCIS later, we end our show with good old Crimmie. With a mighty kick, she sent KRISTA’S LEFT TIT–representing the globe at the end–directly into the audience, causing all kinds of a ruckus and putting a lovely finishing touch on what really had to be our most JOLLY show ever.

Kinda makes me wish I’d actually seen it.

(Show report written by Javier & Cast, Photos by Will)

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