10/14/2016 “The Rocky Horror Jack-O-LanTURNT Halloween SPOOKtacular Picture Show”

Frank: Keely
Janet: Nicole
Brad: Grant
Riff: Lauren
Magenta: Nikki
Columbia: Krista
Rocky: George (Guest Performer)
Eddie: James
Dr. Scott: James and Eri
Criminologist: Kelsey
Trixies: Amanda & Kelsey

"There's a Light", The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Angelika Film Center, Dallas TXGreetings and salutations, ghouls. This is October, a month of spooks, skeletons, screams and you KNOW it’s our biggest show of the year. It’s also our saddest because SOMEONE is leaving us and making us all cry, even the skeletons who don’t have tear ducts.

Yup, it was our friend Keely’s last show with us. One of our biggest hearts is being torn from us by Life. All we can do is just hope she does well in her life outside Rocky. Keely, we all love you and we’re going to miss you very dearly.

Now, if everyone can stop crying for a moment, we’ll get on to the show itself. Yours truly spent some time among the masses marking the multitudes of virgins, and good GOD there were a lot. Seriously, we sold over 200 seats and at least three quarters of them were a pure as the snow. Quite an accomplishment, I think!

Things kicked off with a costume contest, and while there were a bunch of costumes, people were strangely hesitant to get up in front of everyone.

I couldn’t imagine why.20161015_rhps-247

Anyway, we got pretty much every damn Rocky character up there in costume, including a pair of legs! Also one girl who got up there thinking a crop top and a skirt was enough to make her Frank, but we’ll ignore the incredibly easy target for the moment. The winners were a rather FANTASTIC looking Frank, a Janet and a trio of costumed friends.

After that we got some virgin games going, and with the number of virgins we had it was a bit of a problem choosing some to come along for the ride. In the end though we got four people rolling around on the floor in saran wrap picking up candy and condoms, and SOMEHOW we ended up with a tie. One resolution later we had our winners, and the show began.

For the first time since I’ve been here, our Trixies got on to stripping each other in front of the audience. I would not be surprised if some of the more sensitive members of our crowd passed out from blood loss, my goodness. One of our earliest signs of a good crowd also came from the opening, when some virgins of all people shouted some callbacks! A particular favorite was actually a response to one of our callbacks:

“Fuck the back row!”
“Fuck the front row!”


My goodness.

There was a WALL of people that was standing for the Time Warp (seriously, one couldn’t see anything for the people) and  200+ people ROARING in delight at the unveiling of the marvelously sexy Frank-n-Furter… that’s a pretty awesome send off for Keely, who played the role. EVEN MORE TEARS DAMMIT

We had a guest Rocky for this show, and he certainly did the part justice running around being all muscly and running about the entire audience.

20161015_rhps-241Keely brought her own twists to the Red Room/Blue Room scenes. With Janet, Deadpool made a surprise appearance riding in on a zamBONEi and they celebrated the absolute fuck out of International Women’s Day. Brad got something entirely different for his “let’s send off Keely off in the messiest way possible that doesn’t involve an orgy” gag. Keely, in a pitch black robe, performed a supernatural exorcism on the man, shouting “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU” while throwing salt EVERYWHERE. The demon exorcised? Shay, dressed as “STUDENT LOANS”. Absolutely terrifying. The thought keeps me awake at night. His costume was scary too.

(Special props to Eri for running from the back of the audience to the floor to perform an emergency Scott, by the way. Glad you didn’t trip and die, that would have been kinda sad.)

Flash forward to the floor show and we’ve got water guns in the pool, Francis clinging like an abortion to someone’s thigh, Frank and Rocky sword fighting, Janet’s chest piece giving up entirely, and Riff’s costume falling apart. All in all, it was a rather calamitous ending, and as such rather appropriate.

Keely, I haven’t known you long but it’s so very apparent how amazing you are. The cast losing you is the cast losing something special. Still, while we’re sad we hope you go on to do amazing things without us.

Godspeed, Keely. It’s been fun.

"I'm Going Home", The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Angelika Film Center, Dallas TX

(Show Report written by Javier, Photos by Will)

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